AFK Esports Gamer Lounge, San Jose CA

AFK Gamer Lounge is proud to announce we have over the 15,000sq ft Los Gatos Brewing Company restaurant & bar at 163 W Santa Clara St, Downtown San Jose. Note: WE ARE OPEN - and stay tuned to be notified of when we will have our all events, please subscribe below or follow our Facebook.

What is AFK?

The AFK eSports Gaming Lounge is a new place of entertainment. AFK is a place for gamers to meet, compete, and enjoy all things related to eSports – and if you're 21+ you can do it all with a beer in hand. Not just a cybercafé of the 1990’s, AFK is more than just generic rows of PC’s in a dark dungeon. We provide a greater gaming experience for the thousands of Bay Area gamers who play eSports titles casually, as well as incubate professional teams to play in-house in our private team rooms. Our visitors will enjoy 100 gaming PC’s networked together and online with the most popular games installed and ready to play. Members have unlimited access, while guests are limited to 1-2 hours with the chance to add time by making a purchase at the shop or the bar.



11AM - 12AM


Closed Labor Day (Normal 11-12AM)


11 - 12AM


11 - 12AM


11 - 2AM


11AM - 2AM


11AM - 2AM

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